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Our school canteen is run by volunteers under the supervision of a Canteen Manager. The canteen is open everyday for pre-ordered lunches and over the counter sales at recess and lunch. Lunch orders must be made via your child’s class in the morning.

Our Canteen participates in the Rite Bite program and encourages healthy eating via healthy options and portion control. See the Rite Bite program website for more information.

Rite Bite program website

See our pricelist below

Exemption From School

Occasionally it is necessary for families to apply for temporary exemptions from school (most commonly for the purpose of family holidays).

In these instances families must submit an Application for Exemption from School PRIOR to the departure.

See office staff to have the relevant paperwork printed.


Gulfview Heights Primary School has a Uniform Policy, endorsed by Governing Council and it is expected that all students will be dressed appropriately every day. Families experiencing difficulties with meeting our uniform expectations should send a note to the class teacher on each occasion explaining the difficulty. Teachers may also send home notes if they are concerned about a student’s adherence to the Uniform Policy.

Gulfview Heights Primary School takes pride in the quality and affordability of the uniform items we have for sale. Our school colours are navy blue and white, and whilst parents are welcome to source uniform items from outside the school, we have a variety of items on display in our front office which can be ordered/purchased from the school. Year 7 students will be able to access special windcheaters & polo tops in recognition of their achievement.

See Uniform Policy for more information


We understand that at times children may require medication whilst at school. When this is the case the school requires that a medication plan is completed by the child’s doctor and forwarded to the school. Whilst staff are happy to assist and supervise medication, they are unable to directly administer medication to children.

Medications must be in original containers with the child’s name and dosage information. Medications kept at the school will be located in the First Aid room.

Once off medications – where a child requires a once off medication or short course e.g. antibiotics, the school can only assist when a medication plan is completed by the doctor. In all other instances the parent / guardian will be required to personally supervise administer / assist the child.

Infectious Diseases – should you become aware of your child suffering from an infections condition please notify the front office for further advice and support. Certain conditions require that students be excluded for a period of time to minimise the spread of the disease. The following document is used as a guide by school You’ve Got What?

Emergency Treatment – all teaching staff are trained to administer basic first aid and will provide treatment for accidents / injuries within the scope of that training. Our front office staff who are our designated first aiders are St. John Senior First Aid trained. Where treatment is required for an accident / injury that requires treatment beyond ‘basic’ care, parents will be notified and/or an ambulance called.

Mobile Phones

We acknowledge the safety and communication reasons for having a mobile phone when travelling to and from school. However, we consider that the school’s landline and administrative procedures fulfil the need for students to give and receive information by phone during school hours

If it is necessary for a student to bring a mobile phone to school, we request that the following steps are noted:

  • Mobiles and electronic devices must be handed to the class teacher or front office staff to be secured during school hours.
  • Mobile telephones and other electronic devices that are brought to school remain entirely at the owner’s risk.

School Tours & Open Mornings

Gulfview Heights Primary School holds tours of the school and open mornings once per term.

Please follow the link (Tours and Open Mornings) below to see upcoming dates.

Personal Property

We discourage children bringing personal items such as toys, games, PE equipment, electronic devices etc to school as managing these items in the school yard is often problematic. Further, children often become distressed if items become damaged or are lost/stolen. Items brought for “show and tell” should be kept with the teacher for safe keeping.


Parents are reminded that smoking is not permitted on the school grounds at any time.

This includes special events and after hours activities.

Term Dates


Term 1
31 January to 14 April

Term 2
2 May to 8 July

Term 3
25 July to 30 September

Term 4
17 October to 16 December

View more term dates


All volunteers are required to complete a DCSI Criminal History Screening Check and an induction training session.

We also request that volunteers complete a volunteers agreement form, induction checklist and skills audit.

Induction programs are biannually or when the need arises.

People interested in becoming a volunteer should contact the school office.

The Principal’s decision is final in determining who is suitable to work as a volunteer at school and what roles they may assist with.

Visitors and volunteers are required to sign in at the Front Office and collect and wear a volunteers badge whilst on school property and sign out and return the badge when leaving. This indicates to staff who has authority to be on school grounds during school hours and provides valuable information should an emergency evacuation/invacuation occur.

Resource Centre

Students have access to a range of books and resources in our Resource Centre and reader room.

All books borrowed (including daily readers) are bar coded and are checked out to each student’s personal borrowing number.

Overdue Books

Overdue notices are issued regularly to assist students and families keep track of school resources.

When items cannot be located and become overdue the following process are followed

  • The borrowing privileges of the student will be suspended
  • An overdue notice will be issued
  • Following the second overdue reminder notice, a bill for the replacement cost will be issued
  • Once the replacement cost is received by Front Office staff the item(s) will be removed from the student account and borrowing privileges will be reinstated
  • Should the item be located / found a refund will be forwarded

Keeping track of so many books and resources can be difficult, which is why we require processes to aid the management of our collection. It also ensures we don’t have many hundreds of dollars worth of books go missing each year.

Our Resource Centre budget can’t afford to replace books which go missing or are lost.

We appreciate parent support in following up overdue / lost books.

As always, if you have a question or concern please don’t hesitate to contact the Teacher Librarian or the school.

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