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Assessment and Reporting

Our Assessment and Reporting processes have been developed in line with Federal Government and Department for Education requirements. These include:

  • Term 1 – Parent/Carer/Teacher/Student Interviews
  • Term 2 – Student Mid-Year Progress Reports
  • Term 3 – Teacher/Parent/Carer Requested Interviews
  • Term 4 – Student End of Year Summative Reports

The written progress and summative report describes your child’s learning specifically against the Australian Curriculum Achievement Standards for all curriculum areas. This reporting format describes your child’s learning using an equivalent (A to E graded) 5 point achievement scale. The achievement key is indicative of what is expected at each year level against Australian Curriculum Achievement Standards.  The reports also have an effort key to indicate student attitude and participation in each of the learning areas, and student reflections as a way of involving students in the assessment process.

Parents/carers are encouraged to discuss their child’s progress with their class teacher, with particular emphasis on the achievements, stated learning goals and their general wellbeing regularly throughout the year. 

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Assessment and Reporting