The Staff of Gulfview Heights Primary School Welcome you to our website and school.

Contacting Our Staff

To contact a staff member please contact the Front Office via phone or in person. The Front Office will be very happy to direct your inquiry.

Generally teaching staff are unavailable on Tuesday afternoons as this is our scheduled staff meeting day. It is preferable for you to make an appointment with our staff should you wish to discuss anything at length. We'll be only to happy to schedule a time which is convenient to both parties.

Staff List - updated 28/02/2018

Leadership Staff

Principal - Chris Zunis

Deputy Principal - Susie Searles

Coordinator - Dani Samuel (Literacy)

Upper Primary Years Teachers

Year 6/7 Class Teacher - Bronwyn Newman

Year 6/7 Class Teacher - Leanne Thomas / Eddy Greeves

Year 5/6 Class Teacher - Brad Hoekman

Year 5 Class Teacher - Abbey Praehofer

Middle Primary Years Teachers

Year 4/5 Class Teacher - Ashleigh Mayne

Year 4 Class Teacher - Jess Stagarevich

Year 3/4  Class Teacher - Ben Foley

Year 2/3 Class Teacher - Skender Bayaziti

Year 2/3 Class Teachers - Amy Thames / Susie Panagopoulos

Early Years Teachers

Year 2 Class Teacher - Bec Parsons   

Year 1/2 Class Teacher Chloe Frances

Year 1 Class Teacher -  Maria Tsalamangos  

Year 1 Class Teacher - Jade Longwill

Reception Class Teacher Dani Samuel / Fiona Reed

Reception Class Teacher - Nina Hancock

Support Staff

Music / Drama / PE Specialist Teacher- Emily LeBlanc

PE Specialist Teacher - Eddy Greeves

Chinese LOTE Teacher - Yu Qin (Thurs/Fri)

HASS - Kim Hurrell (Wed PM, Thu/Fri)

Special Education/AET/AELD Teacher - Lorrinda Atkinson

Library Manager (SSO) - Lorraine Whitington

Library Support (SSO) - Kerrie McInerney, Tamara Howard

Strings Teacher - Sean Renaud

ICT Support Technician - Des Murrin (Wednesdays)

ICT Support SSO - Tricia Bradbury (Mon PM/Wed AM), Lisa Whitington

Finance Officer - Julie Hayward

Front Office Administrator - Alana Buchold, Kylie Butler

Aboriginal Comunity Education Officer (ACEO) - Marisa Hammer, Amanda McInnes

Pastoral Support Worker/Classroom Support Millie Butt

Canteen Manager - Sonya Solly

Out of School Hours Care Director - Jackie Cridland

Out of School Hours Care Support Worker - Nicky Gerlach, Debbie Hodgetts, Rachel Ridley, Nishka Sailes, Julian Kusabs

Grounds / Maintenance - Lindsay Zappia

Classroom / Special Needs Schools Services Officers

Lorraine Whitington, Karen Bailey, Alana Buchold, Rachel Creasey, Kerrie McInerney, Marissa Hammer, Gill Burgon, Julian Kusabs,

Tamara Howard, Amanda McInnes, Kylie Page, Natalina Bava, Marianne Bunt, Sarah Terminello, MIllie Butt, Debbie Vinicombe